Bolivar Coronas Gigantes

Product Title Bolivar Coronas Gigantes
Length 178 mm / 6. 9 inches
Ring Gauge 47
Size No
Strength 62.5
Taste 100
Diameter No
Duration No
Aroma No
Combustion No
Box 25
Promotional Product No

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  • Description
The Bolivar Coronas Gigantes is a rich, fule-bodied, aromatic cigar with a multitude of flavors, including rugged earth, leather and sand. It is a premium brand cigar. The Coronas Gigantes has hints of chocolate and acidity. The experts claim that the entire Bolivar Cuban cigar range has a distinct leathery, chocolate and precious wood aroma, with varying touches of variation in different type of cigar. When you initially light the cigar you know it will be experiencing excellence, far beyond your expectation. The Bolivar Coronas Gigantes is a hand-rolled cigar. This cigar portrays excellence.