Cigar Brand: Guantanamera

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"Guantanamera is always named as latest superstar of cigar brand. The company started its journey way back in 1997, United States. With such short notice, the brand has been quite popular amongst local of Miami. It was not very surprising when a corporate house named Coporacion Habanos launched a new version of Guantanamera. The story behind such success is not quite similar of Cuban Habanos. All the legends of handmade cigar factories have used all the best tobacco leaves around their zone. Here, Guantanamera has introduced Vuelta Arriba, not common region of Cuba. Another distinct fact about Guantanamera is that, it is only running via machines. In spite of using machine support, this cigar still offers such beautiful taste and flavor during smoking. All brands under Guantanamera are just magnificent. From Cristales to Decimos to Minutos, all these brands have offered rich taste and flavors with high quality cigar smoking experience.  
Being non-handmade cigar, the company has been successful to offer all their brands in quite reasonable prices. These cigars have been specifically marketed for mass people. Hence, it has become a regular figure where a heavy cigar smoker is enjoying a good looking, delicious cigar of Guantanamera. The company is running with high notes as they have never compromised or thought of changing anything that effects on cigar quality. Most of the brands under Guantanamera are short filtered, and few of them are covered with special tubes. Each year, this company is producing thousands of cigars for mass people around the world. This might be another vital aspect for which the company has managed to earn such reputation under a short period! For cigar enthusiasts, it may not offer something unique, but it has been a sensation for regular smoker as they can experience a high quality cigar with cheaper prices. "