Cigar Brand: Juan Lopez

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Juan Lopez

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Together with the Juan Lopez Cuban cigars, this is unquestionably the best cigar from Juan Lopez. This cigar has pushed Juan Lopez from a 2nd class producer into the league of great cigar makers. The robusto size smoker will really grow for this cigar. Originated from Cuba and formatted in Robusto, this cigar comes with the size of 124 x 19.84 mm, and with the weight of 11.66 g. It is basically handmade. A mild to medium robusto, the Juan Lopez Cuban cigar is often associated to the Hoyo Epicure No. 2, but instead of recognizing creamy like the Hoyo, this cigar has more of a cinnamon base. The Juan Lopez Cuban cigar is one of the most reliably well-constructed robustos from Cuba; the burn is even and not too fast. This is a great mid-day cigar to enjoy with coffee, or even with a nice cold beer.  
Juan Lopez is a subtle Cuban cigar brand which was much more celebrated in the 1970s. It was created in 1876 by Juan Lopez Diaz and was first called La Flor de Juan Lopez. The two vitolas widely known, Seleccion No. 1 and Seleccion No. 2 were shaped in 1990s and they are having substantial success these days, judging by some of the reviews. The Juan Lopez Cuban cigar manages to combine comfort in the smoke with delicacy of flavors, and its a winning amalgamation because like its family members, the cigar is truly good-looking to all levels of smokers. Wood and flower aromas make the cigar smoke fluffy and smooth. It is a combination that is easy to deal with for a young palate. The more rugged smoker will be interested in this particular cigar because they really are chilled out and can be smoked in the afternoon with buddies over a beer or with a coffee after lunch and they will not cover the palate with their makings. The cigar is quite rural in entrance, with a dark brown cover that has some obvious veins. The band is a typical Habanos SA band. It seems like they want all cigars to look the same now (H. Upmann, Partagas, Punch...). The pre-draw consumes notes of wood and earth. This cigar has a fine structure. Circular burn, decent draws (although a tad tight) and a beautiful bluish smoke scores a few points for the cigar. However, old tasting notes designate that construction problems might appear, especially severe burn issues. It surprises as a true full-bodied cigar with robust flavors that is found in Cuban cigars - wood and spice. Typically, it's almost unbearable to know what to expect from a cigar like that. So, smoking and enjoying the power gives a lot of strength. After 10 minutes, the stick becomes more round and the power is medium. One can distinguish all sorts of smooth and creamy flavors like chocolate, coffee or cocoa. The bunch is relatively multifaceted. The Juan Lopez improves its power in the last third with mature tobacco flavors mixed with strong coffee. This cigar is remarkable from start to finish with a taste profile unlike any other Cuban cigar. Rich and slightly sweet, this cigar comes with very soft leather and coco bean flavor, and a nice pleasant earthy finish. Even the aroma of the lit Juan Lopez cigar as you approach it with your nose, is amazing. It draws some smoke, and your nose picks up that faint whiff of cigar smoke. Even though this cigar is a little expensive, this is one of the best bargains in Havana cigars. Its building is a little coarser than some of the more expensive vitolas, but they have nothing on this cigar when it comes to aroma. In a blind tasting this one would hold up with most all of the so called "big boys". If you have to watch your wallet, these are for you