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"The name says its miraculous touch. You might fee wicked with the name Punch, but this brand has been in this cigar industry for hundred years. With such long success stories, it would be quite difficult to illustrate its presence and significance over the cigar lovers. Legacy of Punch cigar started since 1840 by Stockmann, and the name of the cigar was collected from a popular character of a European puppet show.  
The ownership of this brand got changed for few times, but the legacy of having a cigar smoke was never turned down a bit! The lithographed box with a comical dressed character enjoying cigar smoking has always been the highlight of Punch. It is one of the few marcas who has been competing with Vitolas. Flavor profile from Punch is quite appreciable as it comes with a soothing, raw flavored. Like most of the cigar brands in early 1900s, this company had to face difficulties in terms of financial backs. Regional favorite Punch had been selling its cigar lines to Dan Blumenthal and Frank Llaneza for continuing supply in the American market. After nationalizing the tobacco industry, the Punch continued with their multi-located marketing cigar distributing lines. Even though, the company started with handmade cigar producing concept, the company had to come up with machine made cigars cover its financial stability. Release of Cigarritos Reserva and Cigarritos have already gained superb recognition and appreciation from beginners to mid leveled smokers. From handmade Vitolas, Corona, Double Corona, Churchill, Petit Coronation, Margarita, Super Selection No.1 have been Cigar lover’s choices in few decades. Hence, the regional releases like Robusto, Superfino, Serie d’Or No.1, Small club, Diadema with few others have been the best choices amongst countries smokers. The specialty of spreading such quality cigars throughout the world has developed its brand value quite impressively. "