Cigar Brand: Rafael Gonzalez

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Rafael Gonzalez

Rafael Gonzalez Petit Coronas
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"Rafael Gonzalez cigar brand is undoubtedly one of the best brands in 20s. From its inauguration period in 1928, this cigar brand has always wanted to create a landmark. La Flor de Marquez, the owner of this cigar manufacturing company was willing to introduce something different, but catchy for smokers. This medium bodied cigar has been successful by introducing one of the leading cigar lines in the modern history of cigar market. Brand like Lonsdale size has been named by showing honor to Hugh Cecil Lowther has earned its true respect from cigar lovers. Nowadays, Rafael Gonzalez has focused on manufacturing cigars in small quantities, but kept the real flavor of Cuban Habanos.  
This cigar can be characterized easily with all the similar groups of Cuban cigars that offer medium or full flavored, rich texture, smooth and creamy taste with toasted nuts or spicy overtones. There is a rumor about Rafael Gonzalez's blending style. Some experts say manufacturer inside the house has kept a secret ingredient that makes it unique and preferable to all cigar lovers! Sweet tasted cigar with slight floral aromas and woody notes will certainly become a snap deal! This special tobacco blend has certainly worked for this company as they have been successfully trading for 20 years with the same trick. One must appreciate their outstanding smoke with exquisite fragrance. The cigar tastes quite different as the month or year passes along. This brand is launched by world class cigar company Romeo y Julieta. Moderate price with good quality is quite rare when you company other cigar brands available on the market. Rafael Gonzalez is particular lovable for strong cigar smokers. Some people might have confused with Flor band, especially by the rich, full flavored Montecristo cigar brand. Being one of the mildest of all Havana cigars is amazing for beginners. "