Cigar Brand: Ramon Allones

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Ramon Allones

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"Whenever you get to see cigar lines under Ramon Allones, you might think of two premium brands. One brand is working from Habanos SA, Cuba. It is the state owned company of Cuba. Another company with the same brand is producing from Honduras under General cigar manufacturing company which has become one of the subsidiaries of Swedish match. Ramon Allones started by two brothers Ramon and Allones in the year of 1845. It was known to be the first cigar brand who used the colored lithographs on its selling box. This brand is also famous for its usages of bands on cigars. With so many changes over its ownership, it was finally persisted finally with Cifuentes, and it was then shifted to Partagas factory.  
After the revolution taken place, this brand had continued its dream run without causing any significant interruption. For decades, Ramon Allones has been consistently staying popular with its limelight cigar lines. Hence, many cigar experts have demonstrated its physical appearance like size, body, and cigar packaging with Partagas. Even though, it has never produced more than its cousin cigar brand to maintain its quality and demand. Due to its majority share controlled by Altadis, Ramon Allones has discontinued producing cigars with regular sizes, but brands like Small club Coronas and Gigantes have been massively popular amongst aficionados. In the year of 2005, Ramon Allones has been awarded as the most popular cigar brand by the importers, especially of local marketers. They prefer the special editions under this cigar brand. . Most common vitolas under Ramon Allones Marque for Edicion based regional releases are Eminencia, Seleccion Suprema, and Estupendo. The latest edition is Belicoso Vitola, and this cigar line is released specially for UK market just as prototype edition. No additional packaging or bands have been added only for UK market "