Romeo y Julieta Churchills

Product Title Romeo y Julieta Churchills
Length 178 mm / 6.9 inches
Ring Gauge 47
Size No
Strength Medium - Full
Taste Woody
Diameter No
Duration 1hour-1.30hour
Aroma No
Combustion No
Box 25
Promotional Product No

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  • Description
Romeo y Julieta Churchills is a strong cigar but bit smooth also, the smoke is creamy and rich. The size of the cigar is 6.9 inches. The ring gauge is of 47 and the name of the factory is Churchill. It is a medium strength cigar. The flavors of vanilla, fruit, coffee, fruit and smooth cocoa, nuts, and floral and herbal notes are wonderful. This is a first class cigar with the impeccable draw. The cigar looks perfect with the nice construction. Smoke is dense and carries the rich aroma with the flavors of wood, spice, earth; chocolate and cocoa are also present. The size of the cigar is Churchill. The first and second third of the cigar are not much strong but has the blend of flavors. Romeo y Julieta cigars brand was named after the famous tragedy play of William Shakespeare known as ‘Romeo and Juliet. Two main characters of this pay are Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. They both fall in love, but their families were the opponent of each other. The main aim of this play surround on the hatred, injustice and enthusiasm. This play was the famous play f Shakespeare. William Shakespeare was an actor, poet, and a play writer. The brand was first founded in the year 1873 but was urbanized by the two eminent people Innocencio Alvarez and Mannin Garcia. Forty different sizes and shapes of cigars were produced; few are thought to be of the best size. The brand produces cigars of both tubed and untubed also.