Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills

Product Title Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills
Length 124 mm / 5.0 inches
Ring Gauge 50
Size No
Strength Medium - Full
Taste Woody
Diameter No
Duration 20-30 min
Aroma No
Combustion No
Box 25
Promotional Product No

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  • Description
Romeo y Julieta short Churchill is an elegant cigar and burns consistently with the nice smoke. Its draw is good and construction of this cigar is flawless. The origin of this cigar is Cuba. Length of Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill is 124 mm with the thick ring gauge of 50. They are handmade cigars. The cigar sticks are round at the cap but rectangular at the foot. It is a medium-bodied cigar. Its size is similar to Robusto. It has a double band on it that gives a beautiful look to the cigar. Romeo y Julieta cigars are produced by Habanos SA. The factory is situated in the Cuba. This is the esteemed brand in the world. There is also another brand with the same name, but it is a non Cuban cigar brand. The history behind the name of this brand is based upon the William Shakespeare’s famous play ‘Romeo and Juliet’. The two leading characters of this tragedy play are Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. This play is about the love of both Romeo and Juliet but their families are the great enemies of each other. Romeo y Julieta are the most famous Cuban cigars brand. This brand was officially registered in 1873. It was established in Cuba in 1875. It was not flourished quickly in the world of cigar industry; it took time to acquire the best position in the markets of the world. Exhibitions of cigars were held in many parts of the world. Assuming taste and flavors, awards were given to the brands of cigars. Romeo y Julieta cigars brand was very lucky to achieve the gold medals in the tasting exhibitions in Paris, Brussels and Antwerp.