Cigar Brand: San Cristobal

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San Cristobal

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"San Cristobal has already named as the latest cigar series from Habana cigar manufacturing factory. This cigar brand was released to cigar market in 1996 where it had been given the actual name of Havana’s city when it got founded in five hundred years back. San Cristobal cigar is boasted with 4 different sizes, and all of them have been named with one of the fonts of that defended city. It got named when the city used to be the hub of Spanish empire, especially in Latin America continent.  
Sizes like El Morro or La Fuerza is the latest edition from San Cristobal cigar brand. The real heroes behind such amazing cigar brand are culminate effort by Ashton and the amazingly talented, tobacco blending grandmaster Don Pepin Garcia. The brand introduced a new cigar line named All Nicaraguan leaf that includes oily, dark wrapper with an aged binder, and a long filler tobacco leaves. This cigar is full bodied, but it still offers smooth texture while smoking initially. It deliberately offers a complex flavor that includes a slight touch of nuts, chocolate, earth, espresso, and cedar. The construction is just mind bobbling as you will see an expert hand rolled cigar with its classy touch. It also shows the real Cuban cigar wrapping style as triple cap. However, there are few cigars available under San Cristobal cigar brand whose have already been accredited by many cigar experts. Cigar lines like San Cristobal El Morro, San Cristobal Mercaderes, San Cristobal La Punta, San Cristobal de La Habana Muralla, and San Cristobal Oficios. All these cigars lines have been produced with hand rolled method, and they are extremely rich in flavor. The fragrance of this cigar is out of the world. Being a newcomer when you compare with other cigar brands, these cigar lines are good enough to explode the cigar market! "