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San Luis Rey

San Luis Rey Regios
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San Luis Rey Regios

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"San Luis Rey cigar brand has some issues right after its inauguration time. Some people say, the brand named from a region named San Luis situated at Vuelta Abajo. This city produces the best tobacco leaves for cigars, and most of the world famous Cuban or non-Cuban brands always prefer than any other regional tobacco plant available in Cuba. Some people say it has been named from the King of San Luis. Whatever the reason behind such name, the cigar brand, has justified the worthiness of purchasing cigar from this company. The company started its journey in Cuba, and later on it has been shifted in Dominican Republic. Nowadays, San Luis Ray cigar is producing from Honduras and the company is following the old Cuban tradition “Hand rolled” of making a cigar. Cigars under San Luis Ray brand have been either medium or full bodied, and these are stated as one of the premium cigars available within lowest possible prices.  
From all the cigar lines, San Luis Ray has become successful after launching San Luis Ray Churchills cigar. This cigar does possess a penetrating but pleasing taste with slightly sweeten hints. Most prominent tag is its earthy flavor. The cigar gets evenly burnt and has correct shots. Having deep or determined scents within the tobacco blends with woody taste, San Luis Ray Churchills turns out be a champion of all cigar outlines under San Luis Ray Company. San Luis Ray Lonsdale is another cigar line from San Luis Ray cigar producing company. This cigar was released during the Second World War time. Therefore, this brand has always matched as prerevolution cigar brand. Establishment of this cigar outline took place during 1940. The blend for this cigar has been demonstrated as one of the best due its usage of Tobacco leaves from Vuelta Abajo. "