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This brand has won over the favor of numerous cigar fans with a taste for peppery and herbal to sweet flavors with a creamy smoke. Fonseca cigars are of a premium grade. They are generally medium-bodied and are known to be made with superior blends. Their distinct mixture includes the best Dominican leaves found in the lush Cibao Valley. Manuel Quesada, a man celebrated in the tobacco blend industry, is responsible for the particular blend that Fonseca has adopted as their trademark. Exquisitely aged in palm tercios, the tobacco is treated with the utmost care. And when it’s ready for rolling, they opt for wrappers of either a light Ecuadorian Connecticut shade or a sharp-looking broadleaf Maduro. We recommend trying Fonseca brand cigars for an agreeably smooth, effortless-to-draw, and richly flavorful experience.