El Rey del Mundo

El Rey del Mundo
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El Rey del Mundo Overview

The El Rey del Mundo brand is a crowd-pleasing collection of silky smooth smokes beloved by cigar aficionados wanting an escape from the hubbub of Cuba's more famous brands. El Rey del Mundo means "King of the World," and at one time, these luscious smokes were just that. The original blend was created in 1848, with the brand name being added in 1882. The El Rey del Mundo legend grew from then on, making the brand one of the world's top destinations for cigar smokers everywhere.

El Rey del Mundo cigars continue to captivate with savory-tasting yet mellow tobaccos from Vuelta Abajo. The cigars offer a less potent Cuban cigar experience for those wanting to enjoy Cuban tobacco's delicious nuances without overwhelming body or strength.

El Rey del Mundo Cigar Style

El Rey del Mundo cigars are smooth and balanced in style with rich yet tempered flavor profiles featuring the tasting notes cigar lovers crave. Draw through any El Rey del Mundo cigar, and you can expect to taste cedar, coffee bean, floral, hazelnut, cashew, white pepper, lemongrass, cocoa powder, and other flavors. Each smoke settles into a silky character and concludes with a beautifully satisfying finish that is lively yet elegant to the last.

El Rey del Mundo Products

The El Rey del Mundo brand offers a collection of classics, such as the Demi-Tasse and Tainos, favored by connoisseurs. The best-selling Choix Supreme is a legendary Robusto cigar that is mellow and bursting with taste. Each El Rey del Mundo cigar is a great option for that first cigar of the day and pairing with light beverages such as coffee or pale ale.