Vegas Robaina

Vegas Robaina
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  1. Vegas Robaina Unicos (Sample 3)
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If you look for a premium cigar brand, then Vegas Robaina can certainly be a good choice. The company has been manufacturing their cigars from Habanos SA, Cuba, and it has been owned by the Cuban government based tobacco company. Habanos S.A had introduced two cigar lines in the early and mid 90s period, and Vegas Robaina is one of those two cigar brands. This cigar line was officially started from Spain in 1997. Soon after their inauguration, the company moved forward and started their marketing throughout the world. Vegas Robaina is featured with five exclusive cigar lines, and they are packaging as hand-rolled cigars. Brands like Den Alejandro or Double Corona, Famosos or Robusto, Unicos or Piramide, Classicos Or Lonsdale and Familiares or Corona.