Vegas Robaina

Vegas Robaina
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Vegas Robaina Overview

The Vegas Robaina brand celebrates the Robaina family and their lasting contributions as Cuba's most prestigious tobacco growers. While Vegas Robaina may not get the fanfare of Cuba's more famous cigars, each Vegas Robaina cigar is an exercise in quality and sophistication. Binder, wrapper, and filler tobaccos cultivated in Vuelta Abajo are assembled with the artistic flair of master rollers, making a Vegas Robaina cigar a journey worth taking, no matter your level of experience.

Vegas Robaina cigars were unveiled in 1997 to honor family patriarch and Cuba's then tobacco ambassador at large, Don Alejandro Robaina. The cigars quickly garnered the attention of veteran connoisseurs and industry experts drawn to the incredibly deep texture and unquestioned refinement. Vegas Robaina cigars might be overshadowed by Cohiba, Montecristo, and other long-established brands, yet they stand shoulder to shoulder as among Cuba's absolute best.

Vegas Robaina Cigar Style

The Vegas Robaina blend is intricately assembled to create a velvety medium-full character. Each draw through a Vegas Robaina cigar brings a flood of flavors, each complementing the other perfectly. The brand is such a hit with aficionados and cigar makers who appreciate the level of expertise necessary to use a central core of natural tobacco notes as a jumping-off point for an endless stream of supple flavors. Other nuances come into the fold one by one, including pepper, cocoa, coffee cake, truffle, black cherry, baking spice, and heavy doses of cedar and oak.

Vegas Robaina Products

The Vegas Robaina range features shapes and sizes designed to capture every last morsel of richness, complexity, and taste the tobaccos offer. The Vegas Robaina Unicos cigar is an exquisite Figurado that has gained notoriety all its own for smoothness and textual delights. The Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro is a Double Corona-size smoke that delivers one of the best finishes of any Cuban cigar today.