Ramon Allones

Ramon Allones
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  1. Ramon Allones Gigantes
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Ramon Allones Overview

Ramon Allones is a top destination for cigar smokers searching for full-flavored yet exquisitely refined smokes. Launched in 1837 by Ramon Allones and his brother Antonio, the Ramon Allones line is one of Cuba's oldest brands. The Allones brothers were innovators believed to be the first to use colored artwork on cigar boxes and place cigars in the now-famous 8-9-8 style boxes.

Today Ramon Allones cigars continue to captivate with tobaccos cultivated in the Pinar del Rio province. The hearty, bold flavors that emerge from the aged tobacco blend are perfectly suited for the discerning palates of modern enthusiasts. Ramon Allones cigars maintain a lasting reputation for their richness and often potent character. However, even the most powerful offering demonstrates uncompromising balance and complexity.

Ramon Allones Cigar Style

Ramon Allones cigars are rich and savory creations that most often fall into the medium-to-full-bodied category. A deeper exploration of the range will uncover other treasures that offer a milder, medium-bodied character and those with a bombastic full-bodied personality. You can expect any Ramon Allones cigar to offer any number of succinct flavors, including earth, pepper, graham cracker, cedar, cinnamon, hazelnut, chocolate, and cream.

Ramon Allones Products

While the Ramon Allones range is small in size, it offers enormously entertaining cigar options. The Robusto-size Ramon Allones Specially Selected is one of the most popular cigars to wear the Ramon Allones band. The cigar is popular with Partagas fans, who are drawn to the cigar's similar yet bolder, more adventurous characteristics. The Ramon Allones Gigantes is a long, rewarding smoke offering an inspired Cuban cigar odyssey.