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Juan Lopez
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Juan Lopez Overview

Juan Lopez brand began as Flor de Juan Lopez in the 1870s and is today a range touted by cigar aficionados who appreciate the cigars' balanced character and complexity. Juan Lopez cigars maintain a small percentage of the total cigars Cuba produces yearly. Yet, for those privileged enough to smoke the cigars, Juan Lopez is amongst Cuba's most satisfying hand-rolled cigars.

Juan Lopez cigars use elegant tobaccos from Pinar del Rio to produce a milder expression than many other Cuban cigars while retaining a rich and flavorful nature from the first draw of the cigar to the last. This unique balancing act continues to enthrall cigar lovers weary of the evermore intense offerings from more famous brands.

Juan Lopez Cigar Style

While Juan Lopez cigars are considered connoisseur-worthy, their approachable nature makes them a great option for all. Aging gives Juan Lopez cigars a deep texture and mellowed body that connoisseurs appreciate. Meanwhile, aging enhances the cigar's flavor providing a wondrously inviting mix of coffee, mixed nut, cedar, toffee, and cinnamon spice flavors. Suitable for all tastes, the character is smooth throughout, with a refined yet never boring finish.

Juan Lopez Products

Juan Lopez maintains a small, limited-production cigar collection, yet each offering is a fan-favorite featuring the brand's famous smoothness, balance, and taste. Many Juan Lopez admirers judge Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 cigars as the best of its class. Each of these Robusto-size cigars provides a luxuriously gratifying smoke with immense flavor in every puff. The Seleccion No. 2 and other Juan Lopez options are rare treasures all cigar smokers can enjoy.